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Blackwater – Your Number 1 Choice for EDT Lessons

What is EDT – Essential Driver Training is a course of 12 compulsory lessons for Learner Drivers in cars and light vans (B Category Licence). This course will help you learn VITAL DRIVING SKILLS and also guarantee your KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING OF ROAD SAFETY.

Our role is to ensure our EDT training is STRUCTURED & CONSISTENT so that you, our student, become a SAFE & RESPONSIBLE DRIVER. We will develop your driving skills as well as good road behaviour so that it becomes a natural habit to drive this way for life.

We will provide you with your LOGBOOK in which both instructor & student record each lesson. Every lesson has a set of EXPECTED OUTCOMES ie. What the student should have achieved by the lessons’ end. You will also be asked to practice certain skills with your SPONSOR (parent, family member or anyone who holds a full licence for at least 2 years).

Blackwater Driving School works extremely hard with and for their students to succeed in creating competent drivers who will:

–          Always drive with due care

–          Have the skills and attitude to deal with potential hazards safely

–          Use their judgement to ensure their own safety as well as that of their passengers and other road users

–          Never take risks or drive aggressively

The 12 compulsory lessons for the price of 10

Free Door To Door Collection and Drop Home Service


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Blackwater & EDT

Blackwater Driving School’s unique and systematic methods mean we boast a 100% PASS RATE with our EDT students – the ONLY Driving School operating in and around the Mallow Test Centre area who can claim such success and achievement.

Since the introduction of these 12 compulsory lessons in April 2011, Blackwater Driving School has seen countless learner drivers through this course and their Driving Test SUCCESSFLLY.

Not only do we develop your driving skills, competency and road safety awareness – OUR TEAM at Blackwater FOCUS ON PREPARING OUR STUDENTS FOR THEIR EVENTUAL DRIVING TEST FROM THE VERY FIRST LESSON.

Through our dedication to our job and our students alike we are proud of the fact that we are by far the MOST POPULAR CHOICE for EDT students. Our STEP BT STEP approach to teaching the course of 12 lessons has earned us high praise from both our students and their parents.